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Proximus is one of Belgium's largest employers. With so many different activities, responsibilities and ambitions, we're bound to have space for your talent too. Check out our list of vacancies and look for the ideal job which fits your ambitions and skills! If you find your dream job, don't wait a moment longer: apply for it right away!

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Step 1: Applying for a job online

Apply online through our job site and you'll receive an e-mail confirming your application. Depending on the job you're applying for, you may need to fill in an additional questionnaire.

A few tips from our recruiters:

“Try to fill in your profile data as comprehensively as possible. Draw up your CV and motivation letter with the job/profile description in mind. Be specific. Mention the source through which you spotted the vacancy.”

Step 2: Digital or telephonic screening

If your CV matches the profile we're looking for, we'll contact you to see whether you're indeed the ideal candidate for the job. This may be done in different ways:

Video Interviewing

An efficient, innovative way of applying for a job. We now offer this possibility for quite a few of our vacancies. Our recruiters will provide you with a link, where you'll find a number of questions. Prepare yourself at ease for the interview. When you're ready you can introduce yourself via your smartphone, webcam or tablet and answer our questions.

Telephonic screening

Video interviewing does not apply to all vacancies. For vacancies where video interviewing does not apply, our recruiters will contact you by telephone to go through your CV, motivation and relevant experience.

A few tips from our recruiters:

“This initial digital/telephonic contact is important, so be sure you're properly prepared for it. If you're called and you don't feel quite ready for it yet, make an appointment for when it will be suitable for you. Of course, video interviewing gives you the possibility to plan your recording when and where you want. This is an excellent opportunity for you to ask us questions about the job/organization. So give this some careful thought.”

Step 3: Interview

If the telephonic/digital screening went well, you'll be invited for an interview. Our recruiters favor a fast, efficient selection process, which is why we make sure that the relevant manager is also present at the first interview. Sometimes there will also be an assessment or a second interview.

A few tips from our recruiters:

“Prepare well for this too. Think of specific examples of relevant experience/skills you have for the job; consider what your strong points are and in which areas you still need/want to grow, make sure you have a clear picture of the job/organization and bring your questions with you to the interview. For us, the interview is above all an exchange of information.”

Step 4: Contract proposal

If you have gone through all the previous steps successfully, we'll be happy to make you a contract proposal. To make the administrative procedures for our applicants as easy as possible, we're constantly innovating here too. We'll send new employees a link, password and login enabling them to log into our "new hire portal". Here you'll find all the documents that need to be filled in.

You'll also find more information about our organization and everything you need to know in the run-up to your first day on the job. We also schedule a "Welcome Day" for all new recruits which will familiarize you with our organization during your first working week. In the meantime, we look forward to your first day with us!

Step 5: Feedback

You'll receive feedback from your recruiter after each step in the recruitment process. This feedback may be given over the telephone, by e-mail or in a face-to-face meeting. We're always prepared to give you additional information and answer all your questions.

A few tips from our recruiters:

“Did you receive feedback saying that you haven’t been selected for the job? Don't despair; perhaps your profile will again make you eligible for one of our other job offers. Set up a job alert and keep up to date with our vacancies. Who knows, this may lead to you becoming one of our future colleagues after all.”

At all times, you can check your application status online here via your created profile.

A company in motion

In our business there is no calm moment. Every day a new technology emerges an opportunity to improve or accellerate, a chance to help our customers even better. We're driven and ambitious and like to respond to all those impulses. That's precisely why our company is so exciting.

Permanent innovation

Did you know that we're the owner of the first 4G network in Belgium? That you can watch Proximus TV anywhere with your smartphone or tablet? That we think up cutting-edge solutions to problems in the healthcare and mobility sectors?

Each one of these innovations is not that old yet. And they will all soon be superseded by new projects and ideas. If you too want to ride this wave of technological innovation, then you're in the right place with us.

From monopolist to market player

Competition on the ICT and telecommunications market is considerable. In the past years we've had to retrain ourselves from being a monopolist without competition to an agile, combative market player in a competitive market. With all the challenges that come with it: marketing and communication, customer service, innovation, cyber security, etc. That, too, is an exciting exercise for motivated professionals.

All the opportunities to succeed

You enjoy great benefits with us. What do we ask for in return? Your unbridled commitment to make it happen. Because if you put in a lot of enthusiastic effort every day into our company and for your career, we give you many great things in return.

Your career path at Proximus

We offer you an almost infinite array of opportunities. You can specialize as an expert in a certain technology, continue to grow as a manager or completely change your career plan along the way. We give you the variety and security that only a modern market leader can offer.

Seize your training opportunities

Every job and innovation should come with training and courses which are permanently on offer. In addition, we give you the opportunity to follow extra courses in a great variety of subject areas. At the Proximus Corporate University, you'll find courses to strengthen your personal and management skills, increase your project knowledge and improve your strategic insight. It's up to you to put your training program together!

Take your career into your own hands!

With us you get the opportunity to build a fantastic career. However, that responsibility rests with you. It is up to you to improve your skills, map out your career and seize opportunities. Do you do that? In that case we have a lot to offer you.

You'll obviously receive guidance and support in this. Our HR team will help you make important career decisions and your manager is always ready for a good talk. In this way you'll build a great career.

Smart working

At Proximus, you'll arrive in a modern and leading-edge company. We have been convinced for a long time that properly supported and motivated employees perform much better. That's why we do our best to enable you to maintain a good balance between work and non-work.

Flexible working

You receive access to all our technologies via your laptop and smartphone, Internet connection and digital television. This means that in many of our jobs it is possible for you to manage your day in an optimal way: you work at home, at the office or at a flex desk. And all this without having to endure traffic jams. We also offer an attractive holiday package which, in agreement can be planned flexibly.