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Technical training, general training, secondary or tertiary education?

Every year, we welcome more than a hundred students who have chosen to do an unpaid internship in our company. It’s not surprising they choose us since Proximus is a diverse company brimming with possibilities. You can come to us regardless of which year you’re in or what you are studying. We'll give you an interesting set of tasks and let you work as a fully-fledged team member.

Step 1: Applying for a job online

Apply online through our jobsite and fill in an additional questionnaire. You’ll then receive an e-mail confirming your application.

At all times, you can check your application status online here via your created profile.

Step 2: Telephone screening

If your CV matches the profile we’re looking for, we’ll contact you for some additional questions about your CV, motivation, and interests.

Step 3: Internship contract

If the telephonic screening is positive, we’ll be happy to offer you an internship contract.

In the meantime, we look forward to your first day with us!

A company in motion

In our business there is no calm moment. Every day a new technology emerges an opportunity to improve or accellerate, a chance to help our customers even better. We're driven and ambitious and like to respond to all those impulses. That's precisely why our company is so exciting.

Permanent innovation

Did you know that we're the owner of the first 4G network in Belgium? That you can watch Proximus TV anywhere with your smartphone or tablet? That we think up cutting-edge solutions to problems in the healthcare and mobility sectors? Each one of these innovations is not that old yet. And they will all soon be superseded by new projects and ideas. If you too want to ride this wave of technological innovation, then you're in the right place with us.

From monopolist to market player

Competition on the ICT and telecommunications market is considerable. In the past years we've had to retrain ourselves from being a monopolist without competition to an agile, combative market player in a competitive market. With all the challenges that come with it: marketing and communication, customer service, innovation, cyber security, etc. That, too, is an exciting exercise for motivated professionals.