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Pr├ęsentation Telindus

Telindus is a major employer in Luxembourg in the field of ICT and Telecoms. As part of achieving our growth ambitions, we offer a range of opportunities. So many different activities, responsibilities and ambitions necessarily overflow of opportunities where you can give free rein to your talent.

To fully realize its growth ambitions, our company must constantly evolve, innovate and surf the latest trends. We also want to make sure that the new technologies are always better suited to the needs of our customers. To achieve these goals, we are constantly looking for motivated employees.

As an employee at Telindus, you will operate in a high-tech environment; you will also receive the necessary training to continue to develop and reinforce your skills. With your colleagues, your goal will be to offer innovative solutions that improve the lives of our customers.

Nos m├ętiers

Telindus is a growing company and our talent needs are important. In addition to our offers published on various specialized sites, we are also receptive to unsolicited applications.

Telindus offers different types of employments. The most numerous, of course, are those related to ICT, innovation, cloud or telecoms. We also need the support of administrative teams for the day-to-day running of our group. As a real everyday support of the various operational, technical, engineering or commercial teams, they facilitate everyday life and allow them to devote themselves to technological challenges.

Finally, pivotal trade in any company, the commercial professions within our company, combine the commercial fiber with technology. These professionals are in direct contact with customers through a relationship of trust and quality.


To be at the base of your career, develop your expertise and open you up to the business world is a mission we are firmly committed to. We look to the future with confidence, thanks to our networks of the future and our innovative solutions.
We therefore wish to attract the best talents for the common achievement of our ambitions.

Juniors Offers

Do you hold a Master's Degree in Computer Science or have you just acquired a first professional experience?
We are looking for "digital natives", young people who are passionate about new IT technologies and want to put their skills into practice while wishing to deepen their knowledge of the ICT world.

Seniors Offers

Your experience is recognized in the ICT and Telecoms sector and you want to evolve as a leader within one of our teams? Our doors are open. We are looking for future employees who will drive our development and innovations.